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About us

Universal Unity Trust!

Inspired by his father, Dr. M.D. Ray dreamed of doing something for society since his childhood. His father used to spend half of his time doing charitable works and he was very much attached to his father and wanted to do some good work for society. He used to visualize as a doctor.  His visualization was actualized and he became a doctor. He served in the Indian Army for over a decade and joined the country’s premier institute, AIIMS. He was actively involved in Kargil War. He is very much passionate about his work and he has been helping people with his treatment. He wanted to help people directly and thought of starting an organization in the name of Universal Unity Trust (UUT) in March 2017. His aim is to prevent cancer which is the second most common cause of death. He realized that childcare is of utmost importance as our children are the future of our country. To empower the next generation, he started educating them about the disease and management through UUT. 

UUT team is very much enriched with various professionals like Doctors, Social Workers, Educationists, etc. Our aim is to make this planet one, one race is human and the religion is humanity. Dr. M.D. Ray is our chairman and a renowned Surgeon at the country’s premier institute, AIIMS, New Delhi. He has been awarded many times for his tireless work in the field of healthcare. 


Our Mission
  -  Main mission to save precious lives across all populations through cancer prevention and beyond
  - The world is one country, Human is one race and humanity is the best religion.

Our Vision
  -  To touch millions of people through common cancer awareness programs via digital media and personal awareness campaigning camps.
  -  Addressing all preventable cancers across all populations, especially people in the medially untouched area and the growing child population.
  -  Making preventive knowledge and early detection services more accessible for millions of people to reduce cancer-related morbidity and mortality.
  -  To guide people to a healthy, happy life by improving mental, physical, social, and spiritual health by the concerned field experts.
  -  Creating an energizing and productive workplace where people want to join for more productivity and to have a healthy and happy life.
  -  As the child is the future strength of the country, thereby child care is our other priority.

Status of cancer treatment amidst Covid19