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What is the most Precious thing in Life? M D Ray

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10 December

What is the most Precious thing in Life? M D Ray

What is the most precious thing in life? Fame? Fortune? Ascension to heaven? Let me tell you clearly- if you do not feel physically and emotionally well; your fame or fortune or ascension to heaven, nothing would be of any value to you.

First, you must be physically and emotionally well. Physical and emotional wellness are like necessary soil where you must grow plants of fame, fortune and nobleness.

If you are not well physically and emotionally, your fame, fortune and nobleness would die soon.

There is absolutely no excuse, that can justify- you not doing exercise. You must ensure, you don’t accept any excuse, for you not doing exercise. Exercise is as important as inhaling oxygen.

Exercise either prevents, or helps you recover from half of all physical and mental health problems. Being a cancer surgeon Aiims,Delhi and a basic doctor I do not know any physical or mental health problem, that cannot be benefited by exercise n meditation.

Minimum 150 minutes of exercise per week is a must and half an hour meditation every day. Avoid eating sugar or sugar containing foods. Sugar is equally poisonous like alcohol. Eat less carbohydrates.6 short meals rather than two heavy meals. Drink 2.5L water/day. And have some artistic hobby to pursue every day. You must study, sing, dance, paint whatever constructive thing you like or write diary atleast to heal your wound at the end of each day atleast for an hour.

Begin this heavenly journey right now.Just see a miraculous change in you n your World. Thank u .God bless us all together.

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