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Myths and Misconceptions About Cancer

Cancer is nothing but an unwanted growth in our body due to chronic irritation either physical or mental.

Few Myths (false beliefs) about Cancer.

The biggest myth about cancer is the perception of cancer. We think, and by "we" I mean every individual in this world, that cancer can happen to anyone else but not me.
Answer: It can happen to anybody who does not care about risk factors.


There are alternative treatments available for Cancer:
Apart from Surgery, Chemo, and radiotherapy, is there any alternative therapy available for cancer treatment these days?
The answer is very easy and direct, "NO, NO, and NO


Prior to the operation biopsy from cancer, spreads throughout the body:
Answer: In the modern era without a biopsy no cancer treatment is possible and a biopsy does not spread cancer at all.

Cancer is a death sentence.
Cancer is not a death sentence. Despite the sobering statistics quoted above, cancer is not always terminal. 80% of Cancer is preventable and curable if detected timely.

Cancer is contagious.
This is a myth. Cancer is not contagious. Someone with cancer cannot spread it to others.

Cancer can vanish from every patient's body in drug trial "miraculously"; Shocked doctors' say 'First time in history
Answer: This type of rumor runs through media only, not authenticated at all.

Many so others that are not true.
Cancer Vaccines:
HPV vaccine for the prevention of Cervical cancer, Vulva, Vaginal cancer, Anal, Penile, and Oral cancer, ideal age group is 9-26 years. Before 15 only 2 doses are required but after 15 years of age 3 doses


HBV Vaccine: 3 doses are required to prevent Liver Cancer. Other cancer vaccines are on trial.


Status of cancer treatment amidst Covid19