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Cancer is 80% preventable. Cancer is also curable if detected early. Cancer is the second most common cause of death worldwide after the first one which relates to various heart related life threatening deseases. On an average, according to some current statictics of 2020, about 7,70,230 cancer deaths are occured in India. Only the basic awareness about the causes of cancers can prevent the death to a great extent. 

Every cancer can definitely be prevented by following ten good habits:

1. Be smoke free
2. Maintain proper weight
3. No chewing of Tobacco, Pan etc.
4. Consume high fibre diet
5. Have more and more vegetables, a few servings of different fruits, and balanced diet
6. Avoid Alcohol
7. Avoid processed foods
8. Do more physical activities with daily minimum half an hour exercise 
9. Avoid high chloesterol food and red meat
10. Be exposed to sun light for a while daily to enrich body with vitamin D

Like other ailments, Cancers do give warning signals to every person before making considerable damages leading to long treatment and even finally to death. By having understanding of them, one can appropriately take action to consult a specialist, which will increase the chance of survival manifold. 

There are generally seven warning signs given below:

1. A change of bowel or bladder habits
2. A sore that doesn't heal
3. Unusual bleeding or discharge from any opening of the body
4. Unexplained weight loss and loss of apetite
5. Difficulty in swallowing or chronic indigestion
6. Any types of Lump anywhere in the body
7.A nagging cough or persistent hoarseness of voice

With early reporting of any such sign to a specialist medical expert can also certainly prevent fatality from  cancer if the sign conforms it. Therefore the need of the hour is to become aware of and vigiliant about these ten preventions and seven corrections to avoid any such fatality due to deadly desease known as cancer.


Status of cancer treatment amidst Covid19